Census Data

Although most census data is not on-line (unless fee-based), there are some transcribed records available at various sites and we've identified some of them below. If you know of other sites that provide free access, please let us know and we'll add them.

Some of the data is in Adobe .pdf format, so you'll need that software on your PC to view them. Adobe is one of the most widely used text/graphic readers available and we suggest you download a free copy (yes, it's free) from their site at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Occupations in the 1850 Census

Surry County Census Data

1850 Surry County Census Index
South Division: 160A-267B
North Division:

* Pilot District: 268A-276B
* Westfield District: 277A-287A
* Hollow Spring District: 287A-294A
* Mt. Airy District: 294B-303A
* Stewart's Creek District: 303A-307A
* Fish River District: 307A-316A
* Skull Camp District: 316A-319B
* Thompson's District: 320A-326A
* Hotel District: 327A-332B
* Marsh's District: 332B-339A
* Siloam District: 339B-342B, 346A-350B
* Bundy's District: 343A-345B
* Rockford District: 351A-358A

Stokes County Census Data

Forsyth County Census Data (index of 1880 only)

S & K Publications (1850 Surry County)

S & K Publications (1810 Surry County, NC)

S & K Publications (1860 Yadkin County, NC)