Surry County Cemetery Project

The Surry County Cemetery Project, begun in 2006, is a volunteer effort of the Surry County Genealogical Association. We hope you will find our data useful for you in your research efforts. We are still receiving information on locating cemeteries and will be adding photos and other data as time permits.

Initially, the SCGA used the reference services of the US Geological Survey's National Mapping Information Service (GNIS). This service provides a listing of various types of data, including churches and cemeteries in counties and states. However, since our data will be a more accurate reading than earlier surveys submitted to the GNIS from other sources, they have asked for a copy of our data to update their records.

If you know of cemeteries that are not on our database, we'd love to hear from you. Just drop us a line at the address below and give us as much detail as you can such as:

- Physical location (address, highway, etc)
- Directions on how to get there from a given point including miles between points (e.g., beginning at the intersection of two roads, etc)
- Name of the cemetery or alias names if known
- GPS coordinates if you have them
- Property owners names, if known

Surry County Genealogical Association
PO Box 997
Dobson, NC 27017-0997

Or contact the Association by Email at: SCGA

Eventually, we hope to be able to provide detailed surveys the burials of the cemeteries in the survey. However, to do that we also need additional volunteers, so drop us a line if you are interested.

Thanks for viewing our page.

Bob Carter