RING Marriages before 1900

Index to Marriages - RING Surname
Surry County, NC
From Beginning (1771) thru 12-31-1899
Compiled by Bob Carter of Greensboro, NC - March 2008



Married To


12-27-1868 Adam RING Mary Matilda SHORE A5143
01-06-1866 Augustine RING Martha Jane ASHBURN A5144-B238
05-02-1893 Calvin Sidney RING Florence Rebecca SHORES C3138
02-28-1867 Celia Jane RING John W. HARDEE (HARDY) A2451-A2452
10-28-1888 Charles Jackson RING Mary Etta WOODALL C3139
10-22-1891 Elizabeth Caroline RING Arthur Gray MARION C2453
02-07-1898 Emma G. RING Joseph Flanner HENDREN C4739
12-15-1854 Enoch RING Sarah N. DAKEN C5145-5146-5147
10-18-1893 Etta Ophelia RING William Edmund PAUL C2912
01-09-1890 Frederick Sandford RING Cosbie Jane COLLINS (2nd wife) C5256
02-22-1891 James Edward RING Sallie COX C3140
10-05-1873 James Jasper RING Mary Emma HILL C3141
01-21-1892 Jeremiah RING Sarah Jane MARION C5257
10-04-1895 John F. RING Emily JAMES C5258-C3141A
01-11-1896 Martha RING Monroe COX C866
01-14-1863 Martin Luther RING Sr Nancy WHITAKER A5148
04-30-1891 Mary Etta RING Paul COON C836
12-24-1895 Mary RING Alexander M. COX C853
01-13-1878 Milley RING Nathaniel F. HUNT C4808
09-17-1848 Nancy RING William ASHBURN A159
01-27-1870 Nancy RING Thomas Jefferson LOGAN C4948
11-13-1887 Nathaniel Augustus RING Mary Lou BULLIN C2142
12-05-1844 Margaret "Peggy" RING Denson Lambert ASHBURN A148
01-17-1888 Pauline Ellen RING Alfred Marion COOK C813
12-24-1891 Robert H. RING Sr. Nancy Ida SHORE C3143
03-01-1849 Sarah RING Alfred ADKINS A33
04-27-1822 Susanna RING William ASHBURN A144
03-27-1824 Thomas Jefferson RING Nancy NANCE A5149
03-04-1839 William M. RING Sr. Elizabeth DRAUGHN A5150
10-21-1845 William RING Rebecca EVANS A5151
10-22-1868 William RING Jane BLANCET C5259