Surry Cousins

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Geographic National Information Service (GNIS)

The US Geological Survey's National Mapping Information Service (GNIS) provides a listing of various types of data, including churches and cemeteries in counties and states. The data (active or inactive) is what exists in their database.  If you know of a cemetery that's not identified on the GNIS server database, send a note to them at their Email address  However, they will not just add your information unless you provide proof such as deeds, incorporation papers, tax parcel numbers, etc., and not just your word as a reference and a general location.  Also, remember that some churches and cemeteries may have moved or changed names over the years so accuracy in a description is required.  Access to the GNIS form is temporarily not working.

To see the location of any church or cemetery listed, simply click on the State or Territory field and select a state.  The system will reconfigure the page so you can select a county in the state you selected, and then select a Feature Class (cemetery, church, populated place, etc), then select Send Query and the system will provide you with a listing of your selection.  If the listing is not in the order you need, just click on the heading of the column you want (ex, feature name) and it will resort on that column.

An interesting and valuable feature on their site is that when you click on a cemetery, or other feature name in the list, it will provide a detail of data and there will be a selection of maps to the right of the data that comes up.  One in particular is the U.S. Census Bureau's Tiger Map Server.  Click on the Tiger Map Server and it will produce a high level map of the location you selected.  Then, to see the feature close up, just use the ZOOM feature (might have to zoom in 2-3 times) to see the actual names of nearby roads, highways, etc.  Once you have the Zoom at a level you want, just use ALT PRINT KEY and past the image in a document and it will save the image as an image file for later use.