Surry Cousins

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Index to Marriages - WHITAKER Surname
Surry County, NC
From Beginning through 12-31-1899
Compiled by Bob Carter of Greensboro, NC - June 2005



Married To


07/01/1834 WHITACRE, Tildalita William BURTON A582
12/25/1890 WHITAKER Jr, Giles L. Mary A. HUNT C5517
05/06/1846 WHITAKER Jr, Isaac Margaret M. LOVELL A6331
04/24/1865 WHITAKER Sr, Giles L. Lucy C. ADKINS A6337 & A6338
12/17/1882 WHITAKER, Aaron Sallie Elizabeth EVANS C3905
02/19/1887 WHITAKER, Aaron Dee Madison Alice Samantha BOYLES C3906
04/14/1840 WHITAKER, Abraham Lydia WHITAKER (1st cousins) A6323
03/26/1846 WHITAKER, Achsah John Robert BURRUS A0579
01/07/1899 WHITAKER, Alberta F. Thomas WHITT C5546
01/12/1893 WHITAKER, Alfred Mary Ann COOK C3907
01/29/1893 WHITAKER, Alice Samantha Henry Farley SECHRIST C3233
02/02/1873 WHITAKER, Almeda Lewis BAKER C162
07/31/1832 WHITAKER, Anderson Susan HUGHES A6324
10/08/1846 WHITAKER, Andrew Jackson Hannah BASS A6333
01/18/1883 WHITAKER, Andrew Permenas Missouri Emma WHITE C3904
05/12/1831 WHITAKER, Anna Isaac MARION A3895
12/23/1891 WHITAKER, Asa C. Laura Jane HUNT C5515
06/18/1811 WHITAKER, Betsy Minzie Thompson JOHNSON A3237
11/18/1891 WHITAKER, Bird Nathaniel Nancy Elizabeth CRISSMAN C3908
01/26/1886 WHITAKER, Camelia Matilda Hige C. BAKER C158
03/16/1890 WHITAKER, Christina John F. MARION C4984
01/25/1832 WHITAKER, Dicy William KEY A3416
08/09/1816 WHITAKER, Edmond Dicey SAFLEY A6327
06/09/1867 WHITAKER, Elisabeth Julia Jacob EVANS A1829 & A1830
11/05/1835 WHITAKER, Elijah Nancy WILLIAMSON A6328
07/18/1798 WHITAKER, Elizabeth Ezekial MARSH A3921
12/02/1879 WHITAKER, Elizabeth Jesse Martin DINKINS C1053
10/03/1887 WHITAKER, Elizabeth M Joseph W. BASS C235
03/08/1842 WHITAKER, Ella Dosha William HILL A2708
01/16/1894 WHITAKER, Ellen Elizabeth John Tyler PAYNE C2922
12/24/1832 WHITAKER, Elmira Henry SMITH A5520
05/04/1847 WHITAKER, Elvira John VIERS A6183
07/23/1882 WHITAKER, Emily Henry Tip DINKINS C1052
03/19/1874 WHITAKER, Emily S. S. WALL C5488
12/29/1870 WHITAKER, Ewell Martha BULLIN C5516
02/11/1894 WHITAKER, Fannie Frances Leonard Martin COE C755
11/28/1894 WHITAKER, Florence Frank E. CAMPBELL C568
02/12/1862 WHITAKER, Frances Synthia John E. STOLTZ A5824
09/05/1837 WHITAKER, Green Elizabeth Grace HOWARD A6329
02/05/1833 WHITAKER, Hannah Garrett SMITH A5518
12/01/1870 WHITAKER, Henry Clay Martha E. TATE C3911
12/26/1875 WHITAKER, Henry Clay Laura Jane McKAUGHAN C3912
12/24/1876 WHITAKER, Henry Frank Margaret Malissa MELTON C3913
05/26/1870 WHITAKER, Henry Green Sarah A. LEWIS C3909
10/31/1896 WHITAKER, Henry Martin Sarah Matilda WALL C3910
01/10/1884 WHITAKER, Hester Anne Joseph Francis JONES C2147
01/05/1837 WHITAKER, Isaac Anne FULK A6332
09/03/1830 WHITAKER, Isaac Malsey HOWARD A6330
04/15/1883 WHITAKER, Isaac Nancy HOLYFIELD WORTH C3914
09/06/1888 WHITAKER, Isaac Nancy WHITAKER C3915
05/11/1852 WHITAKER, Isaiah Sally SMITH B288
03/24/1873 WHITAKER, Isaiah Charlotte Elizabeth DEZERN REID C3916
07/08/1892 WHITAKER, James Martin Mary Jane REID C5518
11/30/1879 WHITAKER, James Martin Matilda Victoria BROWN C3917
11/07/1864 WHITAKER, James Miles Delphia Ann KEY A6334
02/09/1897 WHITAKER, James S. Elizabeth J. ASHBURN C3918
08/09/1898 WHITAKER, Jennie G. Thomas SIMMONS C5320
09/03/1816 WHITAKER, Jesse Mary CAMPBELL A6336
01/19/1860 WHITAKER, Jessie Permelia Henry MARION A3892
01/06/1849 WHITAKER, John M. Julia Ann LIGAN A6340
01/24/1883 WHITAKER, John Louesey P. REAVIS C3919
10/27/1820 WHITAKER, John Mary Polly CUMMINGS A6339
12/24/1899 WHITAKER, John Wiley Rena Frances WALL C3920
10/23/1882 WHITAKER, John Franklin Nancy Muriel DENNY C3921
11/30/1890 WHITAKER, John W. H. Lucy Jane Isabelle ATKINS C5519
12/29/1835 WHITAKER, Jonathan II Nancy DUDLEY A6342
12/18/1825 WHITAKER, Jordan Rebekah EVANS A6343
01/05/1846 WHITAKER, Jordan Elizabeth HARRISON A6344
09/01/1853 WHITAKER, Jordan Nancy EVANS A6345 & A6346
03/05/1885 WHITAKER, Josephine Alice C. C. WALL C3822
02/05/1831 WHITAKER, Josiah Patsey SNEED A6347
11/09/1892 WHITAKER, Julia Enos CHILDRESS C4405
10/21/1883 WHITAKER, Julia Augusta William C. HEPLER C1739
01/03/1853 WHITAKER, King David Tennessee Vergerina WHITAKER A6325 & A6326
12/24/1855 WHITAKER, Levicy William WALL A6233 & A6234
02/10/1892 WHITAKER, Levicy L. Rufus Whitaker MARION C4988
02/14/1891 WHITAKER, Lee Roy Henry Nancy Elizabeth McCARTER C3923
11/24/1872 WHITAKER, Lee Roy Henry Susan Catherine DAVIS C3922
12/13/1888 WHITAKER, Letha Jane Zachary A. NEEDHAM C5121
03/23/1871 WHITAKER, Levi Reba NICHOLSON AXSOM C3924
11/11/1847 WHITAKER, Levicy James BONE A625
07/02/1891 WHITAKER, Stacey Lorena James William BOYLES C381
12/15/1831 WHITAKER, Lorenzo Dow Riney FITZGERALD A6348
08/30/1856 WHITAKER, Lucinda Ambrose WILMOTH A6521
03/18/1888 WHITAKER, Lucy M. John W. JOYNER C2170
12/13/1896 WHITAKER, Lucy Ada Samuel Henry HILL C1796
12/16/1894 WHITAKER, Lucy Emma John C. FLIPPIN C1259
11/17/1895 WHITAKER, Luther Albert Letha Frances DINKINS C3925
08/11/1881 WHITAKER, Lydia M. Newton Thomas DINKINS C1055
02/26/1891 WHITAKER, Malinda F. Jesse Martin REED, Sr. C3084
09/14/1890 WHITAKER, Melissa P. William Pinkney HILL C4780
01/15/1874 WHITAKER, Minerva Catherine Burrell (Burl) DOSS C4527
11/17/1855 WHITAKER, Martha Bart F. HUNT B146
10/26/1890 WHITAKER, Martha Jane Charles Daniel BRUNER C4334
12/30/1862 WHITAKER, Martha Ellen A. S. KEY A3387 & A3388
10/04/1883 WHITAKER, Martha M. William H. HAYMORE C1691
12/15/1874 WHITAKER, Martha Matilda Joseph Lloyd CARLYLE C4365 & C4375
01/18/1849 WHITAKER, Martha Patsy Joel T. AYERS, Sr. A0213
02/14/1821 WHITAKER, Mary Artha BRAY, Sr. A0699
06/25/1893 WHITAKER, Mary Ida Joseph KEY C2215
10/17/1838 WHITAKER, Mary William WILLIAMSON A6516
04/08/1875 WHITAKER, Mary Elizabeth Ruel Denson ASHBURN C100
08/30/1893 WHITAKER, Mary Etta Wiley Sylvester REICH A3092
10/20/1890 WHITAKER, Mary Malinda General Walter WHITT C5542
05/30/1880 WHITAKER, Mary A (Mallie) Alex Bart HUTCHINS C1933
09/23/1888 WHITAKER, Mary Victoria John A. WHITTINGTON C3974
12/13/1874 WHITAKER, Matilda John E. WHITT C5543
01/29/1857 WHITAKER, Matilda J. Calvin R. BOBBITT A0598
12/11/1875 WHITAKER, Matilda Victoria William Calvin TATE C3643
11/13/1851 WHITAKER, Micajah R. Lydia M. WHITAKER A6349
03/08/1892 WHITAKER, Mollie Lee Henry Lee SHELTON C5303
03/05/1874 WHITAKER, Nancy Isaac SHORE A5339
06/28/1860 WHITAKER, Nancy Jacob F. REID A5051 & A5052
03/28/1808 WHITAKER, Nancy John MOORE A4239
11/11/1893 WHITAKER, Nancy Jane Joseph A. HUTCHENS C1937
01/14/1863 WHITAKER, Nancy Martin Luther RING, Sr. A5148
05/29/1870 WHITAKER, Nancy Jane Pinkney HARDY C1611
03/29/1848 WHITAKER, Nancy William Thomas BROWN A0489
10/07/1846 WHITAKER, Nancy Ann Alfred BOLEYJACK A613
07/13/1893 WHITAKER, Nancy HOLYFIELD James YORK C4155
05/01/1844 WHITAKER, Nicey Noah KIRKMAN A3490
03/15/1835 WHITAKER, Nilly Silas PENRIGHT A4708
01/25/1832 WHITAKER, Emsey (Pansy) Iredell KEY A3395
01/19/1860 WHITAKER, Jessie Permelia Henry MARION A3893
01/09/1869 WHITAKER, Permelia Thomas BENNETT C287
11/06/1890 WHITAKER, Rebecca Salena Albert CRISSMAN C4460
12/06/1897 WHITAKER, Regainy Tyre BUTCHER C539
12/30/1873 WHITAKER, Regainy Rosanna Walter F. COLLINS C795
12/24/1896 WHITAKER, Robert Newton Ada Samantha McKAUGHAN (McCOIN) C3926
02/13/1876 WHITAKER, Robert William Emily Pamela WHITAKER C3927
07/08/1896 WHITAKER, Sarah M. (Sallie) Peter HAUSER C4719
01/12/1878 WHITAKER, Sally Ann James M. HARDY C4700
12/08/1856 WHITAKER, Sally Samuel BARBER A221
02/02/1848 WHITAKER, Sally Ann Zachariah REEVES A5050
12/12/1879 WHITAKER, Samuel H. Mildred Ann McCORMICK C3928
08/20/1893 WHITAKER, Samuel W. Emma DRAUGHN C3929
02/22/1891 WHITAKER, Sarah Elizabeth John Franklin COOK C818
01/06/1867 WHITAKER, Sarah Elizabeth William Henry Harrison PATTERSON A4623 & A4624
11/25/1874 WHITAKER, Sarah E. M. H. WEAKS C5510
06/06/1892 WHITAKER, Sarah L. William H. COTTON C4430/C4369/C4388
07/08/1896 WHITAKER, Sarah M. (Sallie) Peter HAUSER C4719
04/16/1840 WHITAKER, Silas Elizabeth CAUDLE A6350
01/01/1853 WHITAKER, Silas Julila SHORE A6351
07/02/1891 WHITAKER, Stacey Lorena James William BOYLES C381
12/27/1890 WHITAKER, Bethania Frances Charles F. JAMES C4833
03/03/1850 WHITAKER, Thomas Rachel E. RIGGS B289
10/18/1882 WHITAKER, Thomas R. Plutina WILLIAMSON C3930
05/11/1871 WHITAKER, Watson Julia Ellen BRAY C3932
12/06/1837 WHITAKER, Wesley H Nancy Elizabeth HOLYFIELD A6353
01/05/1868 WHITAKER, Wesley Sarah A. SETLIFF NICHOLSON A6352 & C5520
12/18/1825 WHITAKER, William Mary WHITAKER A6356
03/11/1800 WHITAKER Jr, William Nancy HARRISON A6354 & A6355
10/17/1837 WHITAKER, William Martha Patsy OLIVER A6357
05/20/1877 WHITAKER, William E. Sarah Charlotte SANDERS C3933
08/30/1866 WHITAKER, William Franklin Nancy Ann HUDSON A6361 & A6362
12/18/1884 WHITAKER, William Franklin Lucy Ann BOYLES C3934
01/19/1848 WHITAKER, William Hampton Mahala B. WHITAKER A6363
10/24/1855 WHITAKER, William M. Frances DRAUGHN A6358 & A6359
05/11/1858 WHITAKER, William M. Mary Susannah HARBOUR A6360
05/14/1882 WHITAKER, William M. Sarah Jane GATES C3972
10/24/1897 WHITAKER, William Wesley Charlotte "Lottie" HARRELL C3931
09/12/1780 WHITTACOR, Johnson Sarah STAFFORD A6341