HAYMORE Marriages before 1900

Index to Marriages - HAYMORE Surname
Surry County, NC
From Beginning (1771) thru 12-31-1899
Compiled by Bob Carter of Greensboro, NC - March 2008



Married To


03-18-1894 Albert Franklin HAYMORE Emma COOK C1677
04-02-1862 Albert HAYMORE Lomy KIRKMAN A2557-2558
03-21-1878 Bluming Elzevan HAYMORE Clara Kansas RIDDLE C1678
01-28-1823 Britian HAYMORE Mary Polly TAYLOR A2559
10-15-1885 Britton HAYMORE Effie Elizabeth BLUE C1679
09-10-1885 David HAYMORE Caroline SAUNDERS C1680
12-24-1863 Dennis B. HAYMORE Lucy Ann REDMAN A2560-2561
03-02-1869 Franklin D. HAYMORE Lucinda A. TAYLOR C1681
06-20-1895 Frederick Wilcher HAYMORE Lillie Elizabeth HOLLEMAN C1682
01-02-1830 German (Jarman) HAYMORE Jane P. PITTMAN A2566
11-06-1898 H. W. HAYMORE Ida SIMMONS C4727
06-26-1853 Henry W. HAYMORE Elizabeth BEASLEY A2562-2563
04-16-1863 Houston HAYMORE Sarah MARION A2564-2565
03-09-1887 James Oliver HAYMORE Jetta BANNER C1683
03-19-1893 Jesse Franklin HAYMORE Elizabeth Nancy SNOW C1684
01-05-1847 John Jackson HAYMORE Elizabeth Jane INMAN A2567
12-11-1887 John Jackson HAYMORE Nancy REED SNIDER C1687
05-20-1877 John Jackson HAYMORE Elizabeth Joyce FRANCE C1686
03-30-1884 John Morris HAYMORE Catherine Elizabeth HAYMORE C1685
12-02-1877 Joseph Anderson HAYMORE Susan Minerva JESSUP C1688
09-17-1871 Thomas HAYMORE Nancy SHOUSE C1689
12-24-1894 Thompson Robert HAYMORE Martha Cordelia PAGE C1690
10-29-1849 William Daniel HAYMORE Betsey Ann HALL A2568
10-30-1851 William E. HAYMORE Elizabeth VENABLE A2569-2570
10-04-1883 William H. HAYMORE Martha M. WHITAKER C1691
11-20-1866 William HAYMORE Lucinda L. JOHNSON B126-127
09-10-1899 Willis B. HAYMORE Mollie B. HARRIS C4728