Civil War Veterans

This page is devoted to our ancestors who fought in the Civil War, whether they were Confederate or Union soldiers. Our hope is to get information on each individual that served including a reference to a surname page if possible. We welcome any donations of pictures of graves.

Cemetery Photos - Civil War Veterans

The above list of Civil War veterans is a compilation of photos I've taken over the years in cemeteries through the northwest piedmont area of NC and surrounding counties in both NC and VA. Have also added some pictures from as far away as Carthage in Moore County, NC and a few outside of NC. Eventually, we'll expand this page to include Civil War veterans from all states, not just in or near Surry County.

If you have a photo of a grave marker of a Civil War veteran that you'd like posted here, please E-mail to me in .jpg file format. You can also send the actual photo if you don't have them digitized and I'll scan them for you and return your photos. Just contact me via my E-mail address at:

Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington, Cabell County, W. VA.

Spring Hill Cemetery list was compiled from a visit to the cemetery in 2003. Civil War veterans are buried in a separate area of the cemetery. A special thanks to David Crum of Huntington, WVA for the tour of this cemetery.

Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, GA

Having been born and raised in Savannah, GA, I never knew a lot about Laurel Grove Cemetery other than it was a very old cemetery that had old Civil War era burials in it. As a child, we didn't visit it much since it was in a part of town that we tended to avoid due to crime, neglect, etc. However, now that I've become interested in genealogy, it is fascinating to visit this cemetery and view its rich history. The cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Savannah and they have plans on putting cemetery information on-line.