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How This Site Came About

Bob Carter and Nancy Patterson are fourth cousins, being both the g-g-g- grandchildren of William C. Patterson of Pilot Mountain, North Carolina.  They are probably related in other ways too, and are discovering common ancestors all the time.  In 2002, Nancy contacted Bob by email to get directions to the Patterson Cemetery where William C. Patterson is buried outside of Pilot Mountain. Bob had posted information about the cemetery on a message board and knew right where it was.  They arranged to meet at the next Patterson Family Reunion in Copeland, NC and Bob showed Nancy where the cemetery was.  It was in terrible shape, but in 2005, Bob got it cleaned up!  We all owe him a big debt.  They are also working, as are other descendents in the family on proving who the parents of William "Billy" C. Patterson were.

Bob began to send Nancy files via email of historic family records and photos.  He was sending these files - dozens of them - to people all over the country who were researching the same family lines.  He's a really nice guy.  It was agreed it would be easier on Bob if all these files could be posted on a web site so he could just email the web site address to researchers and they could come download what they wanted.  A new web site was born and you are looking at the result. Nancy provided the web hosting and puts up her small contributions when she has time - which raising two children, isn't often - and Bob puts up the bulk of the information - all of the Surry County info.  Bob has also gathered a lot of civil war information in addition to all of his cemetery excursions and people are finding this information very helpful.

Bob Carter's Surry Cousins Genealogy Site - Some genealogy information on families in the Surry County, North Carolina area.  Names include Ayers, Coe, Crissman (Christman), Flinchum (Flinchem), Fulk (VOLCK), George, Haymore, Hiatt (Hyatt), Hill, Hutchens (Hutchins), Logan, Mainard (Maynard), McKaughan (McCoin), Patterson, Peele (Peel), Redman (Redmond), Reed (Reid), Ring, Stewart, Stone, Whitaker.

Woodley (Woodland) Family Genealogy - Woodley and some related families (Davenport, Oliver, Phelps) in Washington/Tyrell County, North Carolina area.

Books on North Carolina Genealogy:

Carolina Scots by Douglas Kelly, Caroline Kelly

More Books . . .

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